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The Seneca County EMA is pleased to field your questions and concerns. If this is an emergency, please call 9-1-1 to receive immediate attention. For non-emergency inquiries that require a response within the next 24 hours, please call 419.447.0266. For all other inquiries, please feel free to complete the contact form below and a member of our staff will respond during normal business hours.

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EMS Policies & Procedures

All forms are in .pdf format and will download


Seneca County Policy Manual

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Purpose

2. Objectives

3. Personnel Policy

4. Standard Operations

5. Discipline Policy

6. Backup Ambulances (edited)

7. Supply & Equipment

8. Violation of EMS Protocol

9. Weapons Policy

10. Air Ambulance Requests

11. Communicable Disease Exposure

12. Communications

13. EMS Coordinator Utilization

   13a. Local EMS Coordinator Duties


14. Dispatch Policy

15. EMS Standard Operations

16. Soft Billing Policy

17. EMS First Responder Policy


19. Open Door Policy

20. Electronic Patient Care Reports

21. Probationary Member Policy

22. Refusal Policy

23. Response Policy

24. Discriminatory Sexual Harassment Policy

25. Squad Name & Number Policy

26. Transport Policy

27. Uniform Policy

28. Echo Unit Dispatch Policy

29. Echo Unit Response Policy

30. Cell Phone Usage

31. No Transport Billing Policy

32. EMS Coverage for City Departments

33. Needlestick Exposure Control Policy

34. Medication Bag Inventory & Control

35. Vehicle Backing Policy

36. Drivers Policy

37. EMS Observer Policy

38. Training Reimbursement

39. EMS Scene Photography

40. EMS Pager Control & Inventory

41. Out of Service Policy

42. Red Flag Rule ID Theft Policy

43. Social Media Policy

44. Non Emergency Activities

45. Medication Shelf Life Extension

46. EMS Standby & Callout

47. Echo Medication Bag Inventory Policy

48. Special Event Treatment Guideline

49. MCI Guideline

50. Overpayment Policy

51. Vehicle Check Policy

52. Echo Unit Scheduling & Trade Policy

53. Echo Unit Documentation Procedures

54. Expired Medication Disposal

55. STEMI Diversion

56. CE Program Policy

57. Mutual Aid Response Policy

58. Uniform Guidelines for Paid EMS Personnel

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